Monday, 24 September 2012

Nutrition Yaaaaaay!!!!

Getting there,

Thursday came round with my canular not working again. Tissued. So I had no fluids since 4:00am. They won't take canulars out until another one is inserted in. O_o it was vesting in s lot, very painful and had puffed up.
The ward round had started I was waiting eagerly for my turn. Finally.
As they were coming in I overheard them talking to each other about emailing prof Aziz and they haven't done it yet. What? Anyways the doctor on the ward this week has been really good he is the one that my paediatric mentioned to me. He is been trying his best to stay on top of things and get things done as soon as possible.

Oh I just remembered I think he was one of the doctors that I lost my temper at yesterday but he didn't even show it. He appologised.
He explained that during the scope the tube is in the right place and when they take the scope out the jej extension flips back to the stomach. So its not doing its job. Aha my theory proven three times lol. So he said that root is completed crossed out and everyone agrees with it.
So the plan next is to have the surgical team to come and speak to me about the surgical jejunostomy and to also have a full thick biopsy of the small intestine for further tests. The surgeons came and saw me gave a date of 4th October so the consultant said he will try to do it as soon as possible. Furthermore the nutrition team will come and see me too.

Friday morning at around 11:00 I was taken down to get my PICC Line done. On the way down the cold lift I have to admit I had some fear in me. I think all due to the fail attempts of the jej. In the back of my mind I had this negative thought that it was going to fail. This feeling was battling the thoughts of when I had the PICC inserted last year which didn't have any complications. The procedure was quick and fast. It was very cold in the waiting area. But I had to wait for a while but then I had a doctor come and talk to me. She was extremely good! She spoke to me clearly, kindly consulted and informed me abouth the procedure from top to bottom. Thank you. This decreased the anxiety and her team were quite funny and bubbly. Making terrible jokes lol. There was a confusion wether I should have Hickman line or a PICC line. They were pretty insistent on getting the Hickman line which I dread as its more permanent but I preferred the PICC line as its short term and anyways this was going to be short term.

They wheeled me in and used an ultrasound to find my veins which they had a hard time on. As my veins were so dried out and small because of the lack of fluids and nutrients so a couple of them had a look and agreed on which vein they wanted to use. So they numb the area and inserted the needle and tube purchasing and tagging it in using the guide of ultra sound and X-ray. At one part it was stuck and wouldn't move forward it's kept bending on the sides of the veins. The gruesome and beauty of this was that I could see everything. The tube sliding in I could see under X-ray live it was like a snake slithering its way in lol. It felt very weird is all I'm going to say!

The procedure was done and the area was dressed. I am to carry around a card with me at all times. Also they should only be using a 10mls syringe to flash it; furthermore they are to flash it after each medication and is to be kept extremely sterile! Here is the disappointment that the PICC line was only on lumen. Which meant that once the TPN had started I can't stop it to give my medicines as there is only one lumen Alcoa high risk of infection. But apart from that it went well. However my arm felt like it was going to fall off me it hurt a lot after wards but was just about manageable.

I came back to the ward and started some paracetamol for the pain which just about helped. I then had some vitamins through it and finally started TPN! Yaaaay nutritious finally!

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