Thursday, 24 April 2014

Overcoming Obstacles!

Overcoming Obstacles!

Great news guys!I have so many exciting updates for you all! One at a time...
I'll start with an apology of not blogging for a long time as I have university assessment and exams. My usual readers would see that the blog has a fresh new look I hope you like it! They will also notice that it has new pages too that I hope it will help others! The following is the page with specialist doctors in the UK.

So for 4 years I have been stuck at home or in hospital unable to travel because of all the complications that come with my illness. It is not easy to travel when you have a cocktail of medicines that need to be taken at least 10 different time of the day! 

But I did it! I went out of the house for the first time in 4 year and went to my uncles house! who were so kind and caring. He is a Doctor himself and he had taken a day of work to stay with us and take us out on trips! 

He said to me its my day and that I get to choose where we go and what we do! 

The 2 days were brilliant! We went to a really beautiful park with amazing weather! and although I couldn't do much because I had such low energy and was in pain. It was just wonderful to see my family and friends around me playing and watching them made my day. 

I did a naughty thing that day... we all went to get ice-cream and I had one too! (oops! as I was to find out) I wasn't treated with disapproval and annoyance they just accepted that it was my choice to have the ice-cream and let me tell you it was delicious! obviously when I ate it I had to vomit it out so I went to a corner and vomited, but it was so worth it because just for a moment I felt normal healthy person! 

This trip took a lot of planning! since I had to take all my medications, feeds, feeding sets, syringes injections and so on... We calculated the things we needed to take with us enough for the time we were going to spend. This was made easier because my uncle had already given me a room with space where I could take my medicine and basically had thing prepared for me. Thank you dearest uncle! 

One more thing I have new pet fish whom I've called Panther and Tiger! They are lovely and It has given me to do something. They are mine and its my responsibility to look after them and this is a great feeling that yes I can do things that normal healthy people can do too. My dad has agreed to get me a kitten soon so EXCITED! I just have to convince my mum lol time for those big cat eyes to flatter at her. Again it will give me responsibility and a friend.

The blog has been doing great and please Read. Share. Educate. Please also share the Facebook page so we can make this invisible illness visible! 

Hafsa x
"A Smile Cures Anything!"


  1. You are such a doll :) even though I don't know you ; somehow you lift me up !! Thank you for that sweety ; your a Raye of Sunshine ... I have many illnesses but I don't know if I will have this one I do have autoimmune disease & leaky gut syndrome that I'm trying to manage just to feel good enough to function . Keep smiling love ..passing it along

    1. Hi Kellie,
      Your so sweet! Thank you for such kind words it means a lot to me. I understand how you feel hun feel free to message me on Facebook if you want to talk x always here for you!


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