Monday, 8 October 2012

Good News & Bad News:

It's been a long time since I last updated you. Sorry just haven't been up to doing so due to tiredness pain.
The last time I left you I had started TPN via. my PICC line this was great as it meant that I have nutritious after two week of being on IV only! This gave me much more energy for a while But I had to make sure I didn't over do my self.

All this time I've been having low blood pressure! So walking was not a good option lol.
On the second day of TPN I went to have a Long warm shower. But that was a massive mistake! In the middle of it my head felt like it was rushing in on me as I grabbed the towel my legs felt wobbly and my head was spinning on me so fast that I don't remember what happened next! Luckily I had pressed the emergency buzzer. When they found me they found it hard to open the door as I had locked it from inside but the had managed too. They were calling my name but I could hardly make out what they were saying!
I was sweating fast and felt extremely cold; shivering uncontrollably!!! With terrible chest pains!!!
They quickly took me to my bed did observation which showed my blood pressure was really low!!! And they did an ECG which was normal. After the observation I was not allowed to walk around. To stay in bed. And I did. I slept for quite a while. When I woke up I felt like that life was sucked out of me but I'm getting there.
Nothing much happened the following days. Still waiting for the 4th October jejunostomy surgery! The doctors have been. Trying to get earlier but both upper and lower GI surgeons were on holiday. So it was the waiting game!

All this time being on TPN has given me SOME energy. But found out in the week that my liver was not happy with the TPN as some enzyme levels had increased. So I had a quick ultra sound done which showed it was normal. Luckily! So they decided that they will change the formula of the TPN of its fats and sugars also having it on for less time. It started for 24 hours then, 18, 16 and 12 hours each time meaning less time on the machine!

"A Smile Cures Anything"

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