Dear Gastroparesis

Dear Gastroparesis,
Writing letters to Gastroparesis is where I ease my pain, anger and frustration!
I think its important to let your feeling out instead of bottling them up before they explode!


Dear Gastroparesis,

What more can I say?
Food, lick, munch and crunch,
don't! Stomach paralysed!
Look Left, look right, up and down,
Food. Pleasure
Shining Silver sweets like the far seven sea's,
nose smells with hope,
teeth chatter with excitement,
Nothing. Silence.
When? When? When?
chants the mind!
yet no answer.

Hafsa xxx "A Smile Cures Anything"


Dear Gastroparesis,

What a disease you are indeed. I had never in my life thought that something like you existed. I know for sure there are far worse conditions than you; but you know how humans are they never think like that. Let me tell you I have thought about it but I end up beating myself for it. You drown me in my guilt. Why have you happened to me? That I will never know. I love cooking and most importantly I “Loved” eating and I know I still love eating if only I could. I see food around me everywhere and I think hey I sure would love that.
Every time I see someone drinks water, I just wish I could drink even the smallest sip ever. All this I have been blessed with is available. If I did you know what will happen; constant vomiting, extreme heart burns and pains. Yes I can tell you that you hurt me but if someone saw me they would think I’m lying! You invisible but yet so visible.

Hafsa xxx "A Smile Cures Anything"


  1. Brilliant way to ease the pain and anger! Hope you get better soon!

  2. what beautiful poem indeed it is a good way to ease pain and frustration.

  3. Great poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!habib

  4. Lovely Poem I miss food also

  5. You said it well,I love to cook and miss eating. I am so tired of being scared of food,seems silly to some,but the pain and sickness is nothing to laugh at.

  6. Dear gastroparesis, f*ck you. Love, me.


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