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A&E Trip!!! Disaster!!!

A&E Trip

Well this is going to be a big rant! And massive guessing game!
I haven't been able to blog much as I have not being feeling well. A lot of things have happened since I last updated you.
From tube leaking to splitting, unable to tolerate feeds very well I have been reducing feeds constantly as I felt bloated and full. Only managing around 500-600mls a day when I'm supposed to be having 2100mls daily! So this has left me feeling very weak and loosing weight quickly!
I have been ringing my consultant and he has been trying very hard to get me on the list! But the surgeons in paediatric did not wanted to it because I'm 17!n,y consultant finally called and told me to go A&E they will be expecting me.
I reached A&E and played the waiting game. Was passed on from one to another. Finall someone saw me and they wanted to start me on fluids and have some blood tests done. Again played the waiting game and then after an hour or so I had a nurse come in put a canular in! And guess what? She couldn't find any vains! I had three people come and try on me but they finall found it in a very sensitive part just on my wrist so I couldn't bend it! I was started on fluids and was told when I go on the ward gastro team will come and see me. Oh another guess? No one saw me!
The fluids run out and it took them 5 hours to change it! Okay I understand hospitals are busy but when you have a severely dehydrated person I think they should get the fluids as soon as possible.
I had a rough night! Couldn't sleep because of the pain and nausea!

How awesome is my paediatric consultant he called me to check on me.
Thank you Dr Rawat.

The following day I finally saw the gastro team who were clueless. Oh how I miss my paediatric team!
So the plan was to have my tube changed on Thursday in the meantime I should start my feeds at 30mls/hour because the jejunal tube was in the right place. He will get the dietitian know to come and see me. Oh and here is another guess for you. she didn't come!
The whole day was spent nagging the staff to get me my medicine on time and get me syringes! So for instance my 10:00 medicine was given to me at 1:00am because they couldn't find any syringes! This carried on the whole day! I would ring the bell for the nurses and they would come after 8-10minutes. I was loosing my hope! I felt like no body cared about me. The doctor had prescribed me an injection for thing my blood as it was clotting apparently. I only found out when the nurse asked me if I had taken the injection and this is how my face was o_0 I didn't have a clue what she was talking about no one had told me that was part of the plan!

To be completely honest I am very disappointed with how I'm getting treated here! No one seems to listen! The peades were much better and understanding!

So Thursday finally came round and was told that I would have my tube changed at 4:00pm FINALLLY!!! So that meant I had to stop my fluids two hours before it. Guess what? I was a sleep and no one reminded me! So I went to endoscopy unit where I stayed for long the surgeons didn't have a clue as who was going to carry out the procedure. One was passing it from another to another! Not giving me much confidence!!!
Finally they sorted their quarrel! Was taken into theatre and my canular had failed so they try to put it in another place and another, and another, and another...... I had 3 people working on different parts on my arms, hands and legs but they couldn't find the vaiens. They would but it would collaps! Finally they got it in so they gave me the sedation first shot it didn't work second shot it didn't work third shot didn't work fourth shot it didn't work I was wide awake while they were doing the procedure! I was the most horrible procedure I had ever done! I was awake all through it. I felt the scopes go down the tubes in and screamed and cried they gave me a shot of pain meds but it didn't work! Normally I get knocked out within seconds. I don't know what happened! I have never ever felt nervous before a procedure in my life and now I always will. It has scared me for life. I have never cried so much! Through out the whole procedure I was gagging and vomiting! I still get bad thoughts of all the tubes going down my mouth! And shudder in pain!
I was bought back on ward and should have started the fluids. I didn't have the canular in. I came to the ward at six and no one came and saw me! I should have had an x-ray done but they didn't do that! So how could they know the tube was in the right place.
I was to have my feeds started and fluids too. It took me for some one to come and get them started? 8 hours of crying and waiting game. They kept telling me okay we will come. Okay I'll come. Give me a minute. I've told so and so. And it went on and on.
I flashed the tubes in and the jejunal one felt like it was in the stomach but none listened to me. They only. Listened when I cried vomiting my medicine out. This has been an awful stay at the hospital. Never do I want to come I. Again.

They finally called the doctor who came at 2:20am to put the canular in. And guess what? They started the fluids at 3:30am!!!
I feel like I'm a rat and they don't care. I mean I might as well be at home and die slowly of dehydration than wait in hospital bed unsure when they will start your fluids!!! Never had I cried so much in any of my stays at hospital than being here In This ward!
It's 5:30am as I'm writing this! I'm in pain and am extremely nauseas while vomiting bile out!

Friday comes I was questioned by nearly everyone of how I know the jej tube is not in the right place?
Well maybe because it's my own body and that is my third PEG-J tube and I can feel it in my stomach!!!
So they decided to do a barium X-ray guess what? They questioned me too and another guess for you all the X-ray showed it was in the stomach! Lol there faces we're shocked and said you obviously know your stuff.
Anyways so the registrar came in to tell me they were going to endoscoply try to do it again!
So the waiting game started again but I was finally taken down and another consultant was going to do it under sedation they were very shocked that yesterday the sedation didn't work! He said it was enough to knock out an elephant lol but it didn't work! So this time they gave me five shots of sedation! And guess what? it didn't work! I was screaming and crying through the procedure because I could feel everything! I was vomiting continuously! And I finally plucked up the courage to tell them to STOP! They didn't after 4-5 screams of STOP they stopped! Finally!
I was taken out of theatre and they said they didn't manage to put it in the right place! What a bummer!
So I was put back on fluids! Wait the tricky thing here was that they couldn't find my vains they tried over 10 times finally they put it in my foot! Which is so uncomfortable and hard to walk with! So stuck in bed weak.

At least my room had a good view lol

"A Smile Cures Anything" Hafsa xxx

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  1. inshallah you'' get better soon and come home
    we miss you all doll xo


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