Monday, 8 October 2012

Finally Surgery

Had my Surgery done!
Yaaaaaay! *ouch!*
3rd of October I had my surgery one days earlier than planned. The time for the surgery was getting closer and my dad was not here for the first time before any of my surgeries :( he kept calling that he is on his way but he gave me a lot of encouragement and strength before I put my phone away and went downstairs to theatre.
As if God the all blessing had planned everything! Before the lifts came up I saw my dad running down the corridors to the lifts and just in time! Yaaaay I have never been so happy in my life *ironic before a surgery* lol but he went downstairs with me all the time holding my hand. But I was really excited before the surgery. I guess I just wanted to get it over and done with. Which is true.

Me and my day said our good-byes and he gave me a huge kiss and hug I could see it in his eyes he looked worried. so I went inside and waited in the waiting lounge on a bed then was taken into anaesthetic room where my blood pressure, temperature and so on was checked. I was given anaesthesia through my PICC line. And the last thing I saw was the clock 10:35 and it fuzzed away my head felt light and I was gone!

I don't know after how long but I was just about awake, and all of a sudden I was shivering non stop! I felt so cold that every joint in my body was shaking! I was sweating! Just felt out of my body, hardly could talk. I felt extremely nauseas! I had anti sickness and pain medicines but they just didn't seem to kick in that quick with that cold feeling going on I didn't know what to do. But they had an eclectic blanket that warmed up quick I could feel it. However I was still shivering and felt cold to my soul! I had more blankets put on me and more and more. Yet I was still cold!
I was bought upstairs where I had more blankets on me and still whizzy hardly understanding what people were telling me. I had oxygen going through as my throat felt like it was closing in on me. I had slept through the whole day and had my TPN started.
My dad was by my side the whole time. He would have stayed if he was allowed to, he stayed longer than usual. But he had to go but all I was going to do was go to sleep as I was still dizzy I had my blood pressure, temp and pulse rate measured every half an hour. The cold feeling went away after a couple of hours.
I was going to the loo every hour which was very unusual and painful as it was hard to get out of bed! The worst pain came in when I tried to go back to bed and lay down thats when the pain shot from my tummy to shoulders, back and every bone in my body! I started to cry out loud in pain because I couldn't control my self I was shaking and shivering in pain again! Which scared me! I had a morphine injection which kicked in quite quickly and helped the pain. However, It made other things worse. The nausea! Like I said I kept waking up every hour in pain.

I woke up in morning, feeling a lot of pain and I tried to walk which is supposed to help heal it quicker! Had the surgeons coming over telling me that it all went well. I'm to start flushing slowly as much as I can tolerate and then 48 hours later I can start my feeds. I tried to flush the tube with push and stop technique but the first time it hurt a lot. I only managed 10mls but a few hours later I tried again. Although I felt extremely nauseas I still gave it a go but after a while the pain went away. I had my TPN started really late at 3 in the morning because I had terrible chest pains on right shoulder where the PICC line is inserted so they had to do an X-ray to check it out. So at one in morning I went downstairs had an X-ray which showed it was in the right place. Like I said to the doctors and they agreed that maybe the pain was been directing to other places not trust my shoulders but ches, back and joints. Let's just say its sever pain!
So today I started my feeds at 20mls/hour. So far it's okay even though I feel extremely full but I guess my intestine are not used it as they haven't been used for such a long time. And I'm keen get out of here as soon as possible so I'm holding it in there.
Oh I almost forgot coughing while you've had a surgery done on your tummy is PAINFUL! *ouch!*

Good News & Bad News:

It's been a long time since I last updated you. Sorry just haven't been up to doing so due to tiredness pain.
The last time I left you I had started TPN via. my PICC line this was great as it meant that I have nutritious after two week of being on IV only! This gave me much more energy for a while But I had to make sure I didn't over do my self.

All this time I've been having low blood pressure! So walking was not a good option lol.
On the second day of TPN I went to have a Long warm shower. But that was a massive mistake! In the middle of it my head felt like it was rushing in on me as I grabbed the towel my legs felt wobbly and my head was spinning on me so fast that I don't remember what happened next! Luckily I had pressed the emergency buzzer. When they found me they found it hard to open the door as I had locked it from inside but the had managed too. They were calling my name but I could hardly make out what they were saying!
I was sweating fast and felt extremely cold; shivering uncontrollably!!! With terrible chest pains!!!
They quickly took me to my bed did observation which showed my blood pressure was really low!!! And they did an ECG which was normal. After the observation I was not allowed to walk around. To stay in bed. And I did. I slept for quite a while. When I woke up I felt like that life was sucked out of me but I'm getting there.
Nothing much happened the following days. Still waiting for the 4th October jejunostomy surgery! The doctors have been. Trying to get earlier but both upper and lower GI surgeons were on holiday. So it was the waiting game!

All this time being on TPN has given me SOME energy. But found out in the week that my liver was not happy with the TPN as some enzyme levels had increased. So I had a quick ultra sound done which showed it was normal. Luckily! So they decided that they will change the formula of the TPN of its fats and sugars also having it on for less time. It started for 24 hours then, 18, 16 and 12 hours each time meaning less time on the machine!

"A Smile Cures Anything"