Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Hello Dear Readers!

I'm so sorry I haven't been on the blog! I have had many challenges on my path way. I hope everyone is doing as well as they can!

The end of last year and the start of this year have not been great! I have had many infections that I have lost count off causing me extremely bad pains. Both of my tube sites are still infected and am still taking antibiotics for it but so far have not helped! And I don't even remember how many time I have taken antibiotics either! If this course doesn't help then it looks like going to Hospital and being admitted for IV antibiotics!

But hey what's life without challenges?!!!

I'm proud to announce I have passed my Driving test and I am an owner of a shiny pink new card in my wallet! (driving licence).  I didn't think I could do it because of the above reasons always sick but I pushed on to every lesson and on the test day I was awful running a temperature! But I did it!

I'm also proud to announce that I have become a student ambassador for my university! which is exciting! I had my first interview ever for this post, It was nerve racking but fun at the same time. I met wonderful people that is a pleasure to work with. People that know me know that I'm very easily approachable with big smile on my face and always on the ready to make new friends!

Furthermore, I have become an assistant at a school teaching Psychology, Sociology and Humanities subjects on the day I don't have uni. The teachers I'm working with are amazing and have accepted me with two crutches that carry with me all the time! And I'm grateful that I wasn't discriminated against because of my illness. This is an amazing opportunity as I would like to be a teacher one day... who knows maybe even a head teacher...

One thing I would like to apologise for is that I have not been in contact with many of my friends you all know why! Thank you all for your support, kind words of encouragement and friendship!

Hafsa xxx

'A Smile Cures Anything'
'Making the Invisible Visible!'