Saturday, 22 September 2012

A day with a Turn!

A day with a Turn!

If you read the the last blog this where it leads on from.
Like I said Wednesday was a horrific, terrible day. After crying my eyes out like there was no tomorrow. But in a way I had the right to. And I felt sort of proud of my self. Don't you think?

But as Wednesday continued I had a voicemail from my paediatric consultant to catch up and see how I was. He also had come to the ward twice but I was in endoscopy. Like I've said and I will say it again he is a very good friend and doctor. So when I came from endoscopy I had a surprise on my bed a magazine, an inspirational book also a beautify fully gorgeous Calvin Kline perfume (mmmm it smells soo good!) thank you x. She is just and angel. Always there to cheer me up with her beautiful character and smile. I also had my psychologist come and visit me yes you've guessed it the (radiant angel) and I just let it all out again. And she said I had a right to feel that way. That I have been through so much. She sa poke to me soothly and truthfully calming me down slowly. She's like a best friend that you can just to talk to about anything and yet she still will be logical about it. Thank you x

But apart from this horrible experience at least this ward is much nicer and the staff are more reasonable. Also I have mad good friends with a very beautiful and smiley doctor who took my complaints from the previous ward and made sure it wouldn't happen again. She is so nice I just wish you could meet her. Another ray of sun shine. Although she's poked me many times with a canular but I forgive her lol she had too my veins were on strike.

Wednesday was a black day for me. D-Day.
So many horrors, disappointments and just loosing hope. My friends came round and visited me which made my day so so much brighter! Thank you Mary, Mariam, Khuluud and Jawharyio. Also a massive thanks to everyone that sent there love and support. I haven't forgotten you Sumaya for your beautiful letter xxx they had come straight from 6th form to come and visit me poor them making a long journey. Thank you again I will never forget it. We chatted a lot and caught up on the news at school. It was just a relief to have them round and I almost forgot about what had happened a couple of hours a go. You guys have been great! None of them wanted to leave and neither did I want them to leave but they had to. I miss them so much! We took funny pictures played games and so on. But their company was the most extraordinary part of it all.
Thank you x

Wednesday, I briefly remember what the plan was as I was so huffed and pissed off with anger.

Slowly through the day, the frustrated anger started to calm and the storm of tears just drizzling there and there.

I would I've to thank all the Facebook group friends for their support, encouragement and care. Thank you x

"A Smile cures Anything"

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