Tuesday, 17 April 2012


It has been a very depressing few weeks! Where I have felt that I need to give up! But I don't want to. It seems that I am!
These few weeks my attitude towards Gastroparesis has been very harsh!!! I have said on numerous occasions that I don't care anymore! Just eat. It doesn't matter if I vomit it! Which I did 100%
Confession time!! I have eat chocolate, orange, rice, chicken and on and on the list goes!!!! After each time within seconds I vomited. Which in turn made me extremely Nauseas, bloated, vomited and mostly in extreme Pain!!! And every time I ate I hid it from my parents. Eventually they found out because I stayed in bed all day long, missed school and had turned very pale with dark circles under my eyes!

I know what the consequences are but lately I just haven't cared what so ever!!!
I pray that someday soon I will be able to eat without being in pain and vomiting!

Hafsa x