Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hospital Admission 3

Well today hasn't been the best of days. I'm in a lot of pain! I'm nauseas! Have been a sleep the whole day only waking up for medicines and doctors. I feel like a vampire. Not really because I sleep at night as well probably because I have very little energy. This pain doesn't seem to go away.
I should let you guys know on to a little secret my canulars do not last very long if I'm lucky enough mostly it's 48 hours. It lasted 48 hours and stopped working. The nurse tried to flush it wouldn't flush. And it was very painful my hand has gone very swollen. The junior doctor was not keen on taking it out but my nurse took the canular out.
My dad and my brother visited me today. I woke up just in time when they came through the door. My dad told me that my 5 year old brother was crying as he wanted to come too. But I spoke to him on Skype and he really really misses me a lot. And I miss him too.
So the junior doctor came in and tried to insert the canular but he failed miserably! Every time he would put it in he would move the needle in and out. I got poked 3 times and he still didn't get a vein. So he gave up and went to get someone else to do it. That's why I hate weekends at hospital the most because their is hardly a decent doctor around!!!!

Another a doctor came in and wanted to give it a go. I felt like a guinea pig! He said it was a new experience for him because he usually does it on babies. He asked me if I needed cream or cold spray I said no and he was really surprised. I mean spending 3 months in hospital and being poked everyday for bloods well you kind of get used to it. Right? Well I did.
However he put the canular in on the first go and it flushed beautifully. I finally had the fluids started.
Every doctor that comes in they are so curios and want to know what's wrong with me. What is gastroparesis? And how I manage not being able to et and so on. I find funny because I get to teach them something new! And they learn and appreciate it too.

The pain is still there it settles down for a very little time but rushes back very quickly!!!!

I cleaned my PEG-J tube and boy did it hurt when I was pushing it in and out!


  1. A bad experience has become positive in a way. You get to share your knowledge of GP and spread awareness directly to doctors. I know its so hard right now, but keep smiling. A positive heart will help you through. I'm praying for you my friend.

    1. Thank you x
      As I always say "A Smile Cures Anything" and staying positive even when its hard has kept me going.


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