Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hospital Admission 2

Been woken up many times! So tiered! In the mornings had observations done which showed my blood pressure was low. Then while I was a sleep a doctor came in and woke me up for some blood test. Defiantly not a pleasant thing to wake up too. It did not hurt that much probably because I was half a sleep. It took her a long time take the bloods because it wasn't coming out. I think my veins were on strike! But she managed to take enough with patience.
So I tried to go back to sleep. But just when I got comfortable another doctor came in and woke me up for check up. Asked questions and because my pain had not improved he increased the does of Gabapentin to 300mg that's three times a day.
He then asked me what I was studying. I told him Biology, Chemistry, psychology, and sociology. He looked very impressed lol and asked what I wanted to do I said Medicine and a big smile kept on his face very fast he looked so happy lol I told him I want to specialise in gastroenterology and them do research into gastroparesis and so on. He looked very glad and smiled and gave me encouragement that I can do it and that I am strong etc.

When he left I tried to go back to sleep again ( I think you get theists how many times I have tried)
Within minutes a pharmacists came and told me there was a mixup with the does of my medicine the nurses were confused. Then he asked me what amount and how often do I take my medicine. He was surprised at the amount of medicines I took and the amount of times I did. So he left and I tried to go back to sleep. Then yeh you guessed it some one else woke me up.
The cleaners. The nurses.

But finally at around 12:00 I fell a sleep and was woken up by nurse for observation which was a great time because my dad came and he bought my brothers with them. They are the light of my life which made my day!
My little brother who is only 5 years old, asked me so many question!!! Why I'm here? How long I'm here? I'm I always going to be here? Do I get to watch tv? Can I play games on your phone? Do you like being here? And so on! I got lots of cuddles from him and then he watched tv lol and every second asking how I am. How he missed me. How he wish he could make me feel better. How he wants to be a doctor that can make me feel better and never be ill again! It bought tears to my heart.
The ward had a shortage of staff. I was given my medicines 5 hours later?!?! All that time I was in pain and was extremely nauseas!!!


  1. Little kids can be the best medicine. My 3 year old likes to cuddle with me and asks me Mom hurting? Mommy ok? On a few occasions he has brought me his blanket, his most prized possesion. Keep going with your studies. You'd be an amazing asset to the medical community

    1. Thank you x
      Your right my little brothers and sister are the light of my life. Every smile i get from them brightens up my day.


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