Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hospital Admission 4

I had a terrible night! The new canular is in an awkward position so therefore if I moved my hand the machine would start beeping! Beep! Beep! Beep!
So irritating.

Apart from that I had pains in the night particularly joint pain. And I was extremely tiered.
My dad came early today so I woke up early too. But I snoozed back to sleep a couple of times. I had the doctor come in took some bloods and asked me the usual question how's my pain, nausea etc and I answered the same. I told her and a few of my nurses that I would like to be seen by my own consultant and they said maybe.

My consultants secretary came and visited me again she said that it has been a crazy busy morning and the phone have not stopped ringing yet she still made time to see me I can't express how nice she is. She bought me a book to read and again asked if I needed anything and that she kept thinking about me. (aww so sweet) I also Told her if my consultant could see me and she said she will go straight to him as he is doing admin stuff.

After she left I had the play specialist come in and bought some movies but I had seen most of them lol. She asked me if I wanted to do anything else I said sewing. So she went in search to find me some stuff. She came back and bought me some butterfly's craft kit which I made and put on my cupboard. After lunch she bought me a stitching set which had different designs on it, so I started stitching. The first few times I tried and failed but I was determined to do it. Soon I got the hang of it and yes it takes awful amount of time but it's worth it as the results so far have come out beautiful. It's sort of a therapy.

My consultant came and visited me and I was half a sleep but I woke up. He asked me how my pain was and nausea and I replied that it was the same. He was concerned that I had lost weight. So he checked my tube and felt the area around it and said that it was still tender. For the nausea he added on a new medicine Metroproclamide as its one of the kinetic medicines that will help the nausea and move thing in the gut. He said he can't do any other medicines because of the side effects and also the medicines I'm on are all the high doses.

Today I was supposed to have an ultrasound done at the royal free hospital but I couldn't go because I'm admitted in here. So he said he will arrange it to be done here. Also he said he will talk to the pain management team to come and see me. Furthermore, he will try to get professor Aziz to see me here before my original appointment later in August. And hence there we will discuss the smart pill and what to do next. He will also organise to get me a dietitian here at the royal London. Finally some one is doing something on the 4th day here.

My consultant said that today will start on dirolyte on 20mls/hour and increase every few hours. And hopefully once we get to half way we will start my feeds at low rate and so on. So hopefully I will be out of here soon.
When my consultant was leaving he asked how I liked our new home (he meant the new hospital) and I said well it's much better and private than the old one however, it does not have wifi. Lool he just laughed and run out of the room.

So I have started my dirolyte at 20mls/hour at the beginning I did not have much pain but as time went pass I started to get more pain. So I spend the night watching movies. Only because I couldn't sleep because of the pain. I had another does of Gabapentin and paracetamol. Soon I was falling a sleep.

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