Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hey everyone,

Hope your having a good tummy day x

I've had some terrible days lately so thats why I have been so quite; but since this blog is about "smiling with gastroparesis" and I'm glad to say I am smiling because I have tried my best not miss any days of college as this year is very important. Yes I find it extremely hard to wake up in the morning but I try and end up going to college. (All due to my wonderful parents who have encouraged me everyday). My sleep pattern has gone out of the window!

I have been meaning to tell everyone that if your like me and don't show your feeling and smile through the day yet inside your tearing apart and breaking then I think you should try this. I keep a book where I write how I feel and take the anger out on the paper! surprisingly thats when my creative side pops up lol and here on my blog click the "Dear Gastroparesis" tab to check out some examples.

I hope this helps.

Hafsa xxx :)
"A Smile Cure Anything"

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