Saturday, 23 June 2012

PEG-J Infection

PEG-J Infection:
Sorry I haven't blogged for a very long time. I haven't been well. I spentthe whole of yesterday and today sleeping! Would you believe it I just woke up!Lol

Any ways, as some of you may know from Facebook or Twitter that my tube hasbeen hurting a lot! I didn't take much notice of it, but then I started havingtummy pains as well. My tube felt like that it was being twisted and turnswhile being pulled from the inside at the same time I had a stabbing pain withit too. So I called my Consultant and he asked me questions such as if the sideand outline of the tube was red or bleeding. That was true. Also he asked if Ihave had an immediate diarrhoea and that was true too. Because of all of this Ifelt very weak because I couldn’t tolerate my feed either so instead I was on dioralytefor a day which still made me bloated, very full and sick.
He prescribed me some antibiotics which I am to take for two weeks. Thefirst is Ciprofloxacin which I am to take for the first week. The next one isMetronidazole which I am to take for the second week. Finally I am then to takeProbiotics #VSL for six weeks afterwards.
My consultant has been really good as I just called over thephone and he replied back on the same day even when most of the doctors were onstrike. He faxed the prescription to my GP. Now this is where the problem occurredwhen I called my GP the receptionist said they have not received it when my consultant’ssecretary (whom I should mention is a –very nice lady) said she received the receiptsfrom them instead she called them and I then called my surgery again, then theysaid to me that they cannot prescribe the probiotics which really annoyed mebecause they had previously have prescribed them to me. Anyways I got theantibiotics but not the #VSL I made an appointment with my regular in charge GPon Monday to talk to her about it.
So Today I went and retrieved the antibiotics from thepharmacy and started them.
Furthermore, today I have been having a stabbing pain on theleft side of my chest with my left shoulder and my whole arm hurting with it too.This scares me but I know that its because of my stomach pain diverted to mychest and also when my symptoms flare up and my nausea worsens X100 it occurs.
Overall I have had a very lazy day where I slept a lot butit gave some rest to my body that needed mostly.
I hope you all are fine and having a better day than me.
Remember never lose Hope&Faith.
Hafsa xxx
"A Smile Cures Anything!"

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  1. I'm so sorry you are having a rough weekend. I hope the antibiotics work quickly. The illlness is so hard on us physically and mentally. Keep smiling sweetie. Sarah


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