Tuesday, 17 April 2012


It has been a very depressing few weeks! Where I have felt that I need to give up! But I don't want to. It seems that I am!
These few weeks my attitude towards Gastroparesis has been very harsh!!! I have said on numerous occasions that I don't care anymore! Just eat. It doesn't matter if I vomit it! Which I did 100%
Confession time!! I have eat chocolate, orange, rice, chicken and on and on the list goes!!!! After each time within seconds I vomited. Which in turn made me extremely Nauseas, bloated, vomited and mostly in extreme Pain!!! And every time I ate I hid it from my parents. Eventually they found out because I stayed in bed all day long, missed school and had turned very pale with dark circles under my eyes!

I know what the consequences are but lately I just haven't cared what so ever!!!
I pray that someday soon I will be able to eat without being in pain and vomiting!

Hafsa x


  1. Hope you get better soon....

  2. Don't feel bad for feeling like that Haffie, Gastroparesis is such a torturous illness! We all go through the motions of wanting to eat and doing it regardless, we're only human! I pray that one day soon those clever peeps who are researching for us will come up with an answer so we can be free again. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and you have every right to feel resentful and angry about it. you are stronger than you know sweetie....keep fighting, I'm right by your side xxxxxx love and hugs minxy xxxx


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